When a kit is born into a Clan, they stay in the nursery with their mother until they are at least six moons old. The parents might name the kits after their fur color or markings, after another cat, their personality, or if another cat suggests a name for the new kit. When they do, they give it the prefix, with the suffix of 'kit'. For example, Dovekit, Ivykit, Whitekit, etc. A kit is expected to be curious, but also well-behaved. They drink their mother's milk until they are ready to eat fresh-kill, at which time an apprentice gives it to them. Kits enjoy playing games and exploring the camp, often getting under the paws of the other cats. Kits have to stay in camp until they are apprentices. They are typically not expected to participate in certain ceremonies, but this is often allowed. Before the fifth law of the warrior code was added, kits were often apprenticed too early, causing injury or even death because they were too small to fight. After the events leading up to the twelfth code, it has become common knowledge that a Clan without kits might as well be dead. As a result, all kits are to be protected regardless of their background. This code overrides all the others. Kits are considered the pure, innocent cats of the Clan. Leaders will not condemn helpless kits to die, and will readily offer them a spot in their Clan.

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