The heavy rainfall was blurring my vision but not bad enough to see him crossing the border, rushing towards me purring loudly. "This isn't our normal night. Why are you here?" I asked him while he was rubbing against my check purring loudly.

"Toadstep smelled you strolling around. I had to say that I was looking for somebody just to find you." He whispered into my ear. "Once a week isn't enough for my longing heart. I must have you everday."

I pulled back, motioning for him to come to come under some tree roots with me to get out of the rain. We curled up together, hearing the patter of the rain on the tree. "Tigerheart, that's not possible!" I say looking into his beatiful eyes. "We're in different Clans...I know that. B-but I can't leave my family."

"You don't have to! I'll do anything for you, that includes joining you Clan!" He mews thoughtfully. "You say it, I'll do it. Whatever. That's because I love you, Dovewing."