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This is Project Character Art (PCA). There are a few rules, as shown.

We will be using WildpathOfShadowClan's linearts from deviantART. As shown in a slideshow below, they will be made using what they are labeled. For example, Cloudtail will be made using the lineart labeled "Warrior" for his warrior, "Apprentice" for his apprentice, and "Kit" for his kit.



There are a few symbols that will be used:

(L) = Leader ex. Firestar

(D) = Deputy ex. Brambleclaw

(MC) = Medicine Cat ex. Jayfeather

(W) = Warrior ex. Graystripe

(A) = Apprentice ex. Cherrypaw

(MCA) = Medicine Cat Apprentice ex. Cinderpaw

(KI) = Kit ex. Snowkit

(Q) = Queen ex. Ferncloud

(E) = Elder ex. Longtail

(L/R) = Loner/Rogue ex. Sasha

(S) = Sharpclaw ex. Broken Shadows

(PR) = Prey-Hunter ex. Brook where Small Fish Swim

(CG) = Cave-Guard ex. Stormfur

(K) = Kittypet ex. Princess

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