Cinderheart was laying in the clearing, sharing tongues with Poppyfrost. Her tortoiseshell-and-white sister was expecting her second litter of kits with Berrynose and looked very swollen. Cinderheart was filled with longing, having a deep look of regret in her eyes every time she walked past the nursery, seeing her sister there expecting her kits.

"Are you okay, Cinderheart?" Poppyfrost asked, obviously noticing the sadness in her sister's huge blue eyes.

"I just wish Lionblaze and I were still mates." Cinderheart sighed. The golden tom entered the clearing holding his head high, proud as ever.

Cinderheart noticed Icecloud gazing at the tom longingly. The snow-white she-cat was walking over to him, the expression in her light blue eyes were now flirtatious. Cinderheart couldn't help it, the gray tabby rushed over to Lionblaze before Icecloud could reach him.

"Cinderheart!" Lionblaze let out a startled mew. "What did you want to talk to me about?"

"Do you still have feelings for me?" She asked anxiously.

"Of course," He admitted. "I never stopped loving you. Do you love me?"

"Yes," She purred. "I can accept your destiny now that I know my own."

For the first time in moons, Cinderheart felt content. Content that Lionblaze and her were together, and that Icecloud would never get to him.

Chapter 1

She always enjoyed these leisurely strolls by the lake. Lionblaze always commented on how she could swim like a RiverClan cat, feeling so comfortable in the water.

"Isn't this nice, Lionblaze?" Cinderheart asked, entwining her fluffy tail with his. Their tails together looked like a perect blend of silver and gold, shimmering in the light.

"Yeah." Lionblaze responded in a deep purr. He licked Cinderheart's ear, and she returned the favor gracefully.